O2A Project – Internationalization

Project designation | O2A @WORLD

Project code | SI-52-2018-27 - Project No. 42478

Main purpose | TO 3 - Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs

Intervention region | center

Beneficiary entity | O2A - Self-adhesives, SA

Approval date | 2019-04-09

Start date | 2018-11-01

Completion date | 2021-10-31

Total eligible cost | €117,449.37

European Union financial support | ERDF – €52,852.22

National/regional public financial support | AT


Objectives, activities and expected results

O2A Autoadesivos, S.A. was founded in 1996, having its base activity the transformation of self-adhesive products, orientated to different purposes and different activity sectors. The company develops acoustic and thermal insulation solutions, sealing and anti-vibration joints, specializing in the printing, processing and marketing of self-adhesive products.

Taking into account a medium and long-term strategy, the company presented a project to the abovementioned incentive system, with the objective of orienting its activity to the foreign market on a larger scale, reinforcing its capacity for the international market, focusing on markets and events taking place in extra-community markets, guaranteeing an increase in exports supported by a new organizational model and a new digital communication strategy that will facilitate the international commercial process.