Since our early years, we have been investing in the growth of our machine and technology in order to automate and improve production.

Various processes

We provide our customers with versatile solutions designed and developed according to the most diverse market requirements.


Materials that can function as self-adhesive and/or bi-adhesive

Adhesive lamination process on 1 or 2 sides of the material. 

It is possible to combine different types of adhesives with different types of substrates with "Tabs" or "without Tabs", according to the technical and specific requirements of each customer.


Thermal and acoustic insulation applications, among others

Total cutting process by press with high precision according to geometry and specifications from the project.

A total of 4 cutting presses allow you to reproduce a wide range of geometries and dimensions. It is thus possible to convert materials for thermal and acoustic insulation applications, vibration control, sealing joints, packaging elements, etc.



Full cut with thermowelding

Heat welding is added at the same time as cutting

The same range of existing geometries and dimensions in total cutting machines, with a guarantee of a high degree of dimensional stability and reproducibility throughout production, to which heat welding is added, simultaneously with cutting, which allows the material to be sealed.


Kiss-cutting flat-bed/rotary

Materials such as foams, felts, among others can be cut

Process characterized by total and precise cutting of the products in the different requested geometries, keeping the support liner intact.

Using the rotary tool, this process enables the precision cutting of flexible materials while keeping the liner intact. It is characterized by enormous flexibility, even allowing the creation of "Tabs", so that the application is the simple and fast for the client.

CNC cut

We cut various rigid, semi-rigid and flexible materials

This equipment allows cutting of different rigid, semi-rigid and flexible materials, from the simplest to the most complex geometries, with the advantage of not having to resort to a specific cutting tool for each geometry, being therefore the ideal solution for unique examples.


Unwinding and subsequent winding of rolls

Unwinding process and subsequent winding of rolls in pre-defined lengths or as per customer request for later cutting to the desired widths.

Cutting lathe

Cutting adhesive/double-adhesive tapes and foams

Tapes and foams, with and without adhesive, from 3mm rolls widths with different lengths as per customer requirement.

Adhesive tape printing

Possibility to print up to 3 colours

Adhesive tapes customized to your liking for identification, information and security purposes, reinforcing the customers image.

The creative process is developed according to the client's demand and requirements. Up to 3 colors can be printed on different types of backing material and adhesive.

Longitudinal and transverse cut

Automatic Longitudinal and Transverse Cutting System

Automatic cutting system that allows you to longitudinally and continuously divide material with different widths and thicknesses and also, if necessary, cut to length with precision.



Development and production of a wide range of blister packs

We develop and produce the most suitable solutions for small, medium and large formats in various materials suitable for this industry. Such as PVC / PET / PET+PE / PS / PS+PE / ABS / PP with or without ESD properties, in order to guarantee your specifications and protection of your product.

Direct print

We can print on flexible products and materials

Combining and complementing our production capabilities, we can print codes, symbols and various other information directly onto flexible products and materials using an advanced digital printing system.